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The AHA Encourages Americans to “Eat More Color”

Don Pferdehirt

As the president of ChemOps Insights in Spring, TX, Donald (Don) Lee Pferdehirt builds upon a career in chemical manufacturing that spans more than three decades. Outside of the professional environment, Don Pferdehirt supports the charitable initiatives of the American Heart Association.

A major US nonprofit that addresses issues related to heart attack and stroke, the American Heart Association (AHA) strives to treat these conditions after they occur and prevent them before they begin. As part of the latter efforts, the organization is encouraging the general public to “eat more color.”

The AHA is reaching out to individuals who are unsure how to receive their daily allotment of heart-healthy nutrients. The organization’s simple directive is to cover one’s plate with fruits and vegetables of various colors.
In general, people should eat something from each of the AHA’s main color groups each and every day. These color groups consist of red/pink (e.g., beets and raspberries), blue/purple (e.g., eggplant and grapes), yellow/orange (e.g., carrots and pineapples), white/brown (e.g., onions and bananas), and green (e.g., kale and kiwis).

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