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Running During Winter

Don Pferdehirt

As president of ChemOps Insights, LLC, in Spring, TX, Donald (Don) Lee Pferdehirt draws on more than three decades of experience in chemical facilities operation to provide consulting services to clients looking to design and operate a safe chemical processing plant. In his free time, Don Pferdehirt stays active by running.

Winter running is a lot easier than many people think, as long as you wear the right gear. As temperatures drop, your focus when you dress for a run should be on staying warm and dry. Make sure to dress in layers that are capable of blocking the wind, wicking away moisture, and insulating your body heat. Layers should be thin enough that they do not impede mobility. In addition, wear shoes that grip snow well and keep out moisture, along with extra warm socks capable of keeping feet dry. A hat and mittens also add protection to extremities.
Beyond wearing the right gear for a winter run, think about your route. Choose a clear or paved running path. These routes are ideal for winter runs since you don’t have to worry as much about snow and ice. Also, make sure you consider the wind along your route. Ideally, start your run with the wind in your face and end with the wind at your back. This keeps you warmer, since you won’t have sweat as much at the beginning of your run.

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